Morale: Sailors In A Bad Mood Over New Uniforms


July 3, 2009: The U.S. Navy, bowing to loud and sustained complaints, now allows sailors living off base, on their way home from work, to get out of their vehicles to perform short errands (picking up dry cleaning, groceries, day care, and so on), while wearing the new navy work uniform (shirt and pants in a gray, blue and black camouflage pattern) [PHOTO]. Prior to this, navy personnel were forbidden from leaving their vehicles while outside the base, and wearing the work uniform.

In addition, many sailors also think the new work uniform is silly. Most sailors will be wearing the work uniform while on a ship. What's the point of camouflage there? Then again, maybe it's all just the herd instinct. In the last decade, all the services have gotten new camouflage uniforms, or gotten them for the first time.

First, the U.S. Air Force introduced new work uniforms, which employ a distinctly "air force" type of camouflage pattern (lots of blue.) The U.S. Navy followed with a blue and grey camo pattern for the work uniform. For more formal occasions, junior enlisted sailors wear a khaki shirt and black pants (an arrangement the U.S. Marine Corps has made famous). The navy "dress blues" remain unchanged.

While sailors appreciate being allowed to get out of their cars on the way home work, most would prefer to do it while wearing the traditional dungarees and blue work shirt.




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