Morale: Keeping The Sweaty Riff Raff Out


October 8, 2010: In Iraq, the departure of most American troops has led to the closure of many facilities on the larger bases. The complex of bases around Baghdad Airport, for example, only has one large dining facility left at Camp Victory (the largest of several camps in the base complex). It is a very well run facility, and new rules have forced troops to spiff themselves up if they want to get in. For example, if you are wearing a shirt showing obvious sweat stains, you can't get in. You can still eat (at the take out line), but you can't sit down. This new policy has bothered a lot of troops. For example, some of the living quarters are a kilometer or more from the dining facility, and on one of the many frequent hot days, it's difficult to walk to the facility without working up a sweat. There are buses you can take, but these are not air conditioned. Troops coming off duty late at night are also upset with the new policy, as they are often sweaty, and would like to sit down in air conditioned comfort to get a meal. Not allowed. The Sports Oasis dining hall always had dress regulations, usually of the "no shirt, no shoes, no food" variety. But now it's a war on sweat stains. Go to the take-out line and let those who show no sweat eat in peace. Don't complain. Just be grateful you're not in Afghanistan.





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