Morale: Banning Bald Headed Bomber Pilots


February 22, 2006: The U.S. Air Force has decided that its female personnel cannot be bald headed. Yes this is allowed for infantry, or male pilots. What is wrong here?

The U.S. armed forces tries to attract bright and imaginative recruits. And it gets them, to the point where the brass have to regularly issue new regulations on what fashion statements can, and cannot, be made. For example, the U.S. Air Force recently ruled that its female personnel could not wear "extreme" nail polish colors. These include fluorescent colors, as well as purple, black or blue. Women cannot shave all their hair off and expect to stay in the air force. Rings may not be worn on the thumb, and eyeglasses must be kept perched on the nose, not hanging from the neck or perched on the head. Oh, and women cannot wear scrunchies either, or carry a cell phone in the right hand (the one you need for saluting.) Cornrows and hair extensions are allowed, though, as are "tasteful" hair highlights. Cell phones must also be of conservative appearance. Same with bracelets. Nothing too fancy, or that will stand out. Same with earrings and hair styles and colors in general. Fingernails cannot be more than a quarter inch long. The general rule is, whatever you do, don't let anything take attention away from the uniform, and the fact that you are in the military.

Somehow, a bald headed infantryman registers as military, while a bald headed women doesn't. Then again, these regulations tend to change over time.




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