Morale: The Vikings Lament


July 16, 2008: Danish troops in Afghanistan are complaining that they have been kept out of combat since March, when five Danish troops were killed in action against the Taliban. The Danish government denies any such order and points out that the 600 Danish troops in Afghanistan are under the command of the larger British contingent. But the Danish troops are getting tired of nothing but guard duty and convoy escort for the last four months, and are openly talking to reporters about it. NATO troops who don't see combat (on the orders of their government) are looked down on by NATO contingents that are fighting. Then again, the Danish troops are stationed in a combat zone, where guard duty and convoy escort can be dangerous.

In the last 14 months, 14 Danish troops have died in Afghanistan. Most of those were in Helmand province, where most of the fighting has been taking place and where most of the Danish troops are. Denmark is currently considering getting all their troops out of Afghanistan in the next two years.




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