Morale: Benefits Beyond The Grave


October 7,2008:  The U.S. has changed its civil service hiring regulations to make it easier for the spouses of troops killed in combat, or those retired with 100 percent disability, to get government jobs. The spouse has to be qualified for the job, but with this preference they go to the head of the list of those qualified. The U.S. government hires 20,000 people a month, and this preference makes it easier for the thousands of qualified spouses to get jobs throughout the United States.

Veterans preferences have been in place for over a century, giving men who have served an edge in getting a government job. Formal preferences began after the American Civil War (1861-65), and were greatly expanded after World War II (1941-45). Some states have preference programs as well. Spousal preferences are relatively new, but recognize that, since World War II, it's common for husbands and wives to both work. For widows, and spouses of disabled veterans, a job is often as essential to pension or disability payments. So this move does a lot for the morale of all military personnel.




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