Morale: Mossad Assassin Insurance


January 29, 2012: In the wake of five recent assassinations of senior people in its nuclear weapons program, Iran has ordered additional security for hundreds of key people working on this officially non-existent program. This is in addition to less stringent, and less visible, security measures implemented nearly a year ago. The new measures apparently involve lots of bodyguards and restrictions on the activities of these nuclear scientists, engineers, and technicians.

All this will not do much for the morale of those being protected. Nothing says "someone is trying to kill you" more than the constant presence of security personnel and their irritating interference in your life, and especially your freedom of movement. This will only encourage whoever is behind the killing to strike again. That will be a real hit to morale and productivity. The effort also ties down thousands of security personnel and makes the government look bad. The government blames the Mossad (Israeli) and the CIA (U.S.) for the killings.




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