Special Operations: Hitting The Beaches In Afghanistan


January 24, 2009: U.S. Navy SEALs are mostly highly trained commandos, but there is also another group of specialists, the Special Boat Squadrons (SBS), that are trained to use small, fast boats, to get SEALs into, and out of, action. Since 2001, the SBS has expanded, from 400 sailors, to 600. But at the same time, the need for their services greatly diminished. Mainly because most of the SEALS were either operating in Afghanistan (no coastline, or much open water, there) or on warships (where they would storm targets via helicopter.) Not wanting to be left out, some of the SBS sailors went to work on land, or helped train foreign sailors on coastal operations. This training task used to be performed by SEALS, but for the duration of the war on terror, the SBS will take over. Some SBS troops have been sent inland with the SEALS, to drive vehicles. That's still delivering SEALS, but not in the way these guys were trained for. The SBS is trying to keep busy, but it's mostly training and working out-of-specialty, and that will continue as long as the SEALS are away from the water.


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