Space: Terrorists Hijack Satellite


April 13, 2007: Sri Lankan officials were shocked to learn that the local rebels (the LTTE, representing separatist among the Tamil minority) had hijacked two channels on a television satellite, and were broadcasting anti-government (and pro-terrorist) programming to anyone in Sri Lanka who had a small DTH (Direct to Home) satellite dish. At least that's what the satellite operator, Intelsat Ltd, said when asked about why they were carrying programming for an international terrorist organization (at least in most countries). The LTTE had been sending their TV programming to Sri Lanka (and most of the world) via the Intelsat 12 satellite since May, 2005. Intelsat believes that the LTTE was able to pull this off by making an illegal deal with someone in the PanAmSat company. Intelsat took over PanAmSat in July, 2006. There are 30,000 DTH customers in Sri Lanka, and the investigation into the LTTE satellite hijacking scam is continuing.




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