Space: March 10, 2001


A series of Pentagon wargames set in 2010-2017 have indicated a need for a Space Operating Vehicle that could be kept ready and launched "on demand" to rebuild satellite networks, conduct space reconnaissance, or deploy Common Aero Vehicles that could drop from orbit to destroy key targets (such as ground-based lasers able to damage satellites). The situation becomes complex very rapidly. In some of the wargames, the US has conducted pre-emptive attacks on enemy anti-satellite weapons, which prompted enemy retaliation in other venues. In other wargames, the anti-satellite forces were attacked only after the enemy started to use them, resulting in damage to missile detection and recon networks that put the US at a serious disadvantage. With a damaged missile launch detection network, enemy nations were able to slip missile attacks through US defenses. With a damaged spy satellite network, some enemy forces were able to move without observation.--Stephen V Cole




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