Counter-Terrorism: Barrier Mania


March 4, 2007: There a lot of large scale barrier systems going up in the world, whose main function is to keep Islamic terrorists out. For example;

India is building a 4,000 kilometer barrier along its border with Bangladesh. Various Indian rebel groups have been using bases in Bangladesh, and the local government has been reluctant to shut them down. That's partly because of the large number of illegal migrants moving from Bangladesh to India. That, of course, is another reason for the barrier project.

Israel is building a 700 kilometers barrier between itself and the Palestinian West Bank. 436 miles of concrete barriers.

Pakistan is building a barrier along its 2,400 kilometer border with Afghanistan .

Kuwait is upgrading its 215 kilometers of barrier along its Iraq border.

Saudi Arabia is building 850 kilometers of barrier along its Iraq border. It is considering a similar barrier along its Yemen border, where hostile Shia Arab tribes live.

Spain is building barriers around its two enclaves in Morocco .

Thailand is building a 75 kilometer barrier along its border with Malaysia, to keep Islamic terrorists and smugglers under control.

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are building barriers on their mutual border. .

The United States is building, piece by piece, barriers along its 3,000 kilometer border with Mexico. Like India, the U.S. wants to keep illegal migrants, and terrorists, out.

The United Arab Emirates and Oman are improving barriers along their borders. .

The common threat here are Islamic terrorists, with illegal migrants and smugglers a close second.




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