Counter-Terrorism Article Archive 2009


Most Iraqis Seek A Final SolutionIgnore Those Pesky ForeignersGiving Thanks
The Torture Kings Consider ReformThe Pirate TaxU.S. Cruise Missiles Hit Al Qaeda In Yemen
What Iraq Really WantsBurmese Border Battles Annoy ChinaThe Pakistani Paradox
Suffer The ChildrenArabs Unite In Yemen Against IranThe Necessary Evil
Women, Literacy And Angry Young MenThe Get-Out-Of-Jail CardThe Cause Of Afghan Violence
India And The U.S. Share What They KnowThe Other PakistanNight Terrors
Wanted: Dead Or AliveThe Perils Of The PushtunKeeping Iran Out Of Yemen
Target America Is Under AttackLost At SeaThe Yemeni Border Is Burning
Major Hasan Embraces TraditionIgnoring The Threat Does Not Make It Go AwaySaudi Arabia Bombs Yemen
Maoists Mix It UpCommunists And Separatists Still At It Suicide Bomber Shortage
A Confining SituationAl Qaeda Fund Raisers ScrambleMadrassa Madness
German Offensive Threatens The HomelandNo Credit Where Credit Is DueWhy The Pirates Hate Mercury
The Palestinian DisconnectionYemen SmoldersThe Menace Of Murderous Militant Morons
Where Democracy HurtsDesperately Seeking SAMAny Targets Will Do When You're Losing
Another Cure That Is Worse Than The DiseaseTaliban Threaten Arizona and NevadaWhat Am I Bid For This National Hero?
The Bombs Of HelmandTop At The Top Of His GameA Reminder To Aircraft Hijackers
Iran Buys Chaos In YemenIran Picks On EgyptGoing Chechen On Somalia
Cutting Off What The North Koreans Love MostTerrorists Terrorizing TerroristsThey Were Such Good Boys
New Tactics For Turning The Taliban Into HistoryThe War Against Cell PhonesAmnesia
Schools For Suicidal ScoundrelsThe Taliban's Unlikely Ally The Communist Threat Is Real
Lebanon Pursues al Qaeda OperativesSwiss Banks Shun Terrorist CustomersTrying To Put Yemen Back Together
America Demands Value For The DollarWithdrawing The Invisible Welcome MatBitter Pills In Kashmir
The Hashish HighwayThe AntidoteAl Qaeda Invades South America
Killer VideoEnd GameChina Wants To Help
Another Showdown In YemenAl Qaeda Has Syria In The Cross HairsApplying Iraq Lessons In Afghanistan
Al Qaeda Flees PakistanBandits, Terrorists and Bad GovernmentThe Religion of Intolerance and Violence
Never Forgive, Never Forget, Never Stop LookingSecrets To Die ForHigh Times
The Monster In The ClosetThe Palatial Prisons Of IraqPious Gangsters And Family Values
Gassing Girls For GodThe European ThreatIranian Troops Invade Iraq
Dealing With The Wild BeastAvoiding The SnatchThe Unexpected Roots Of Modern Terrorism
The Adolph Hitler Fan ClubThe Other PakistanCrippling Terrorist Support In The West
Why al Qaeda Stays Out Of Afghanistan Provisional FailuresPakistan In Peril
Israel Joins The JihadThe Taliban's Biological WeaponCorruption Conquers All
Heroin And TerrorismThe Hamas And Hezbollah House Of HorrorsDifferences To Die For
The Threat You Can Hold In Your HandNever Change, Never SurrenderAmerican Mysteries Revealed
Terrorist Hacker Tells AllThe Boys From MinnesotaI Got High
An Offer You Can RefuseIslamic Radicals Get Blinded By The LightThe Saudi Crackdown Continues
Recruiting Blondes For The CauseThe Lessons Of AnbarFanatics Fumble Yemen
Here Comes The JudgesThe Saudi Most Wanted WorksWhat Happened To The Internet Jihad?
Stopping Suicide Bombings In Afghanistan Attitude AdjustmentThe NSA Is Still Listening
Hezbollah Death Squads Gone WildDon't Let The Goyim KnowGunrunners In America
A Chat Room You Can't LeaveThe Islamic PopeDismal Track Record of Suicide Bombers
The Triumph Of Tribal PoliticsMaoists Hold On To The RevolutionOlympic Dreams
Fake Fingerprints For SalePakistani Police Win A LotBahrain And The British Connection
Taliban Accentuate The NegativeThe Enemy Within



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