Counter-Terrorism: We Know Where Your Granny Lives


December 14, 2007: There are many kinds of terrorists out and about, and not all of them are fixated on the kind of tactics that are constantly reported in the media. Some Animal Rights Extremists have been attacking people they dislike indirectly, by using the Internet to initiate attacks on their elderly relatives. It's pretty easy – if you persist in opposing them, they'll do stuff like post your parents' social security numbers, and other vital information on websites run by cyberthieves.

Apparently terrorists of all sorts keep in touch, because these Animal Rights terrorist tactics are now being discussed on Islamic terrorist websites. Western counter-terrorism organizations are scrambling to find a way to counter these new methods. Many Islamic terrorists have been caught funding their operations via Internet crime, so they are already familiar with identity theft, and how to find things on the Internet. The web-based Islamic terrorists are apparently planning to harass the families of military personnel, police, and so on. Or worse.




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