Counter-Terrorism: Palestinian Terrorists Demand The Right To Study Genocide In Prison


January 6, 2014: The Palestinian government is suing in Israeli courts to reinstate courses on genocide that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails were allowed to take until 2011. The genocide course was very popular with the more than 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Most of these prisoners are men from the West Bank and Gaza who were convicted of terrorism (trying to kill Israelis, some for actually doing so and not just caught trying). This lawsuit got a lot of publicity recently and that is another headache for the Palestinians who try to present themselves as helpless victims and not coddled terrorists. The existence of free college courses for jailed Palestinian terrorists follows on public statements by recently released Palestinian terrorists that life in Israeli jails was pretty good, with good living conditions and plenty of leisure time. But they want to be able to study genocide at the college level as well.

Israel is also angry at how Palestinians praise recently released prisoners (who have killed Israeli civilians, especially children) as heroes. The prisoner release was part of the current peace effort by arranged by the United States. Bowing to pressure from the United States, Israel agreed to release 106 Palestinians serving prison sentences for terrorism (and killing Israelis). The Palestinians would only go along with the current negotiations if they got some of their killers (who are regularly praised as heroes in Palestinian media) out of prison.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), speaking for all (or most) Palestinians has also complained to the UN about Western, especially Israeli media describing the $5 million a month the PA pays to the families of terrorists as support of terrorism. This is a big deal because many Western aid organizations, by law, cannot contribute to the PA for anything that supports terrorism. That sort of thing is frowned on in the West. But the PA considers Palestinians jailed (usually in Israel) for terrorism to be freedom fighters, even if their victims were Israeli women and children. The PA feels an obligation to make welfare payments to the families of imprisoned terrorists. Payments are also made to the families of deceased terrorists. The size of each payment is adjusted for how long the terrorists is in prison for and how much damage he did with his attacks. The average payment is $770 a month and the highest ones are nearly $3,000 a month. Some Moslem countries willingly contribute to this. For example, up until 2003, Iraq paid $30,000 to the family of each dead Palestinian terrorist. The PA wants the UN to get the Western and Israeli media to stop defaming Palestinian freedom fighters like this. In the meantime the PA also pays “pensions” to prisoners who get out of jail, even though at least five percent of them return to the terrorist activities that got them jailed in the first place.





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