Counter-Terrorism: The Palestinians Have A Perfect Plan


December 14, 2015: The Palestinian governments in the West Bank and Gaza are unique in that they openly boast, to their own people, of waging terror campaigns against Israel but manage to convince the rest of the world that it is not terrorism but simply self-defense. The two Palestinian governments are also at war with each other but they are much less willing to discuss that openly, except to tell their own subjects to tell that those other Palestinians are evil and up to no good.

The West Bank Palestinian government is the most outrageous in its approach to terrorism against Israelis. The West Bank leaders (the Fatah party), openly discuss tactics on Palestinian TV and radio, to keep their people informed on what they should, or should not do. For example, the current campaign that uses individual civilians wielding vehicles, rocks or knives to attack Israeli civilians (who are less likely to be armed or able to fight back that soldiers or police) is described as more effective that traditional methods. That, Fatah leaders explain, is because the international media defines terrorism as mass attacks (with explosives and guns) while civilians attacking with kitchen knives or their cars can be explained away as individual frustration at Israeli oppression.

Less publicized is the fact that for every Israeli killed this way five Palestinians die. But Fatah has that covered as well because one of the bills that cash-strapped Fatah pays punctually are the monetary awards to those Palestinians who are wounded in these attacks. Larger sums are paid to those sent to prison and even more to the families of Palestinians who get killed. Some Western and Arab donors to the Palestinians have cut their aid as these payments for violence against Israelis gets more publicity. The Fatah leaders are working on that problem and when they come up with a solution they will get on Palestinian TV and let everyone know.

Fatah also appears to see these latest “lone wolf” tactics as a long-term effort as there is more and more coverage of how to kill Israelis on Palestinian TV shows directed at young children. This is supplemented by special toys (a rock throwing doll) and videos of young children showing how to conceal and use a knife when attacking Israelis. Fatah sees children willing to kill and die as the salvation of the Palestinian cause (the destruction of Israel).




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