Counter-Terrorism: The Canadian Conundrum


April 18, 2013: Canadian intelligence has identified two Canadian citizens who were involved with the January raid on the Algerian Tiguentourine natural gas facility. There were actually three Canadians involved: Xristos Katsiroubas (of Greek ancestry and originally Greek Orthodox), Ali Medlej (born Moslem of Lebanese parents), and Aaron Yoon (of Korean ancestry and originally Catholic). Katsiroubas and Medlej were found among the 29 Islamic terrorists killed during the gas field battle. Yoon had travelled with the other two to North Africa but got arrested and jailed in Mauritania (for being associated with Islamic terrorism). All three attended the same high school in Ontario, Canada and were recruited by a radical Islamic cleric while in high school. Canadian intelligence knew of the three, along with about fifty other young Canadians with Islamic radical beliefs. But these suspects are not watched 24 hours a day and could sneak away if they wanted to. That’s what the three did. Canadian counter-terrorism activities are mainly concerned with preventing terrorism inside Canada, so if none of the usual suspects are seen doing anything illegal they are just observed. But dozens of these men have eventually gone overseas and gone to work for Islamic terror groups.

In the Algerian natural gas facility three terrorists were taken alive. Security forces rescued 685 Algerians and 107 foreign workers. The terrorists killed 37 foreigners and one Algerian. These victims included seven Japanese, six Filipinos, three Americans, three Britons, two Romanians, and one from France. Only one of the 32 terrorists was from Algeria, and workers held captive by the Islamic terrorists first reported that at least two of them had a “North American” accent and that one was definitely not Arab.

Canadian intelligence is watching suspected Islamic radicals more carefully now and believes a “Canadian” identified as participating in a terrorist attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year was believed to be associated with Katsiroubas, Medlej, and Yoon. Investigators are trying to build a legal case against the Islamic activists suspected of recruiting and indoctrinating Canadians to become Islamic terrorists.




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