Forces: Divisional Artillery RIP


April 21, 2007: The "brigade centric" reorganization of the U.S. Army reached another milestone, when the 4th Infantry Division lost its divisional artillery. For over a century, American infantry divisions had their own artillery "regiment" or "brigade." But under the new organization, each combat brigade has a battalion of artillery. There is still a divisional artillery organization, that contains rockets (MLRS) and radars for detecting the location of enemy artillery. But under the new organization, what has long been called "divisional artillery" is now referred to as the "Fires Brigade." But in the case of the 4th Infantry Division, it was felt that the unit was better used elsewhere. So the divisional Fires Brigade was renamed the 41st Fires Brigade and made a non-divisional unit. That is, the next higher headquarters (in this case the 3rd Corps) now controls the 41st Fires Brigade, and can use it to support any of the divisions that are assigned to the corps.




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