Forces Article Archive 2006



EU Gets Less Bang for the BuckObstacles to a Larger U.S. ArmyU.S. Army Considers Adding Troops
South Korean Army ShrinksPanzertruppen Become Peacekeepers Cambodia Enters the 21st Century
North Korea Downsizes The Lethal Lebanese Shuffle Britain Still Rules
Georgia Bulks Up To Face Russia The Islamic Terrorist Gangs of Thailand Cuba's Non-Army
Maoist Armies of South Asia Britain's Overseas Army Iraqi Army Changes Some of its Spots
Burmese Battalions Enslave a Nation The Palestinians Fade Away Holy Warriors in the Middle East
India's Foreign Air Base The U.S. 20 Brigade Peacekeeping Force Venezuelan Military Fades Away
Iraqi Security Forces America's New Combat Brigades March On Sri Lanka's Big Fleet of Little Boats
Chad's Collection of Contending Cliques Iran's Grassroots MuscleIran's Navy Goes Underwater to Win
The Warlords of DarfurThe Warlords of the CongoThe Incredible, Inevitable Shrinking Russian Fleet
Iraqi Navy Grows In Italy The New Iraqi Air Force The New Iraqi Army in Early 2006
The New & Improved Iraqi Highway Patrol The New Afghan Army Zimbabwe Shrinks Its Starving Army
The Incredible Shrinking NATO Force China Gets Smaller and Stronger New Warlord Army Forming
Iraq's Desert Protection Force at War