Forces: August 8, 2001


: The Netherlands has announced $825 million in new defense spending over the next decade to enhance European defense operations. Some of the elements of this spending include:

@ More Patriot missile launchers and new PAC-3 missiles for theater missile defense.

@ $100 million investment in the British program to buy six roll-on/roll-off military vehicle transports. This might buy an extra ship or simply reduce Britain's costs.

@ A joint command headquarters will be built into the second of the new Rotterdam-class dock landing platforms.

@ New command and signal equipment for the 1st Dutch-German Corps.

@ Adding a new battalion (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and recon) to the 1st Dutch Mechanized Division.

@ Consolidating several local and national land forces headquarters into the 1st Mechanized Division HQ, saving money.

@ Delaying the new short-range air defense program in order to build a joint network with Germany.

@ Unmanned recon drones will be bought and money will be invested in a European spy satellite program.

@ Precision-guided bombs will be provided to the Air Force.

@ The Dutch and British will jointly buy and field a new mobile military hospital to support deployments.

@ The number of Dutch military police will be permanently increased to support peacekeeping.

@ A new computerized accounting system will improve the logistics situation.--Stephen V Cole




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