Forces: January 13, 2002


South African Order Of Battle- ARMY: 37,000 active troops, 10,000 active reserves, 71,000 territorial reserves

@ one tank battalion (Olifant Mk1)

@ one armored cavalry battalion (Rooikat)

@ one mechanized battalion group (Ratel, Rooikat) with attached G5 artillery battery

@ one mechanized battalion (Ratel)

@ one parachute infantry battalion

@ three motorized infantry battalions (Buffel or Casspir APCs)

@ nine light infantry battalions

@ one recon-infantry battalion (including motorcycles, mounted infantry, dog handlers, scouts)

@ one artillery battalion (G5 and G6 155mm guns, and Bateleur multiple rocket launchers)

@ one anti-aircraft battalion

@ one intelligence battalion

@ seven engineer battalions (construction, combat, bridging) and a "construction unit"

@ two field workshops and two logistics battalions. --Stephen V Cole




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