Forces: September 27, 2002


According to CNSNews, Canada's military is on the verge of collapse. A 39-page report from the Council for Canadian Security (a coalition of prominent Canadians concerned about security and defense)warns that the country is at risk of being unable to defend its territory.

Canada, which has the world's longest coastline and second-largest land mass, is becoming increasingly reliant on the capabilities of the United States. However, a greater American military presence north of the border also leads to sovereignty issues.

Since the 1950s, Canada has reduced its defense spending to just over one per cent of its gross domestic product, placing it 17th among 19 NATO-member countries. From 120,000 servicemen four decades ago, the country is now reduced to 60,000 and many of it's major weapons systems are getting long in the tooth. 

Last week, the National Post newspaper and Global television network released a poll that showed 79 per cent of Canadians believe their nation would need American help in the case of an attack yet only 52 per cent support more government spending on the military. - Adam Geibel




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