Forces: May 28, 2005


The Czech Republic has reorganized its Cold War era, Soviet style armed forces to conform to a NATO-compatible model. Drawing from a population of ten million, the Czechs are now restructuring their new army for rapid deployment operations outside of NATO. They are developing a peacekeeping and peacemaking force, in addition to a force that can take care of conventional combat operations.

The reorganized army has three combat brigades, plus combat support and service units. Nearly all the troops are on active duty. The active duty units are;

4th Rapid Reaction Brigade -- two mechanized infantry battalions and an airborne infantry battalion.

7th Mechanized Brigade -- two mechanized infantry battalions and a tank battalion.

13th Artillery Brigade -- two mech artillery battalions.

102nd Reconnaissance Battalion 

15th Engineer and Rescue Brigade -- one combat engineer battalion and six "rescue battalions" (emergency service and disaster relief units, with a large number reservists, to be called up when theres an emergency, and a need for the brigade.) 

14th Logistics Brigade 

31st Chemical and Biological Protection Brigade. 

There is also a "Territorial Defense Force" composed of the seven Territorial Defense Brigade, designated 21st through 27th, largely composed of reservists.

The 4th Rapid Reaction Brigade can be reinforced with designated units (an artillery battalion, an engineer company, air defense company, NCB defense company, recon company, plus Civil Affairs, Medical, Military Police, and PSYOPS detachments.) The Reaction Brigade, with attachments as needed, can deploy as a brigade or in smaller, battalion size task forces, on short notice.




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