Forces: Ukraine Dumps Conscription, Fast


November 16, 2005: The new reform government of
Ukraine, having replaced its Soviet era politicians, is also going to replace
its Soviet era conscript army. And quickly, with an all-volunteer force by
2010. By next year, the plans to have 41,000 volunteers, and only 58,000
conscripts. Each year thereafter, the percentage of conscripts in the force
will decline. Ukraine is following a trend started by Britain in the early
1960s, when conscription was abolished. The U.S. followed a decade later, and
when the Cold War ended. After that, most European nations were able to cut
their armed forces. Realizing that Britain and the United States had
demonstrably better quality forces because of the all-volunteer force,
conscription began to fade. The only thing that stops many nations from going
all-volunteer is the added expense.




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