Forces: The Forever War


February 8, 2010; The United States has decided to halt the reduction of its forces in Europe. Instead, at least four brigades and a corps headquarters will remain. Formerly, the plan was to reduce American troops strength in Europe to about 24,000. Instead, there will be closer to 40,000 troops remaining. The U.S. has had troops stationed in Europe for nearly 70 years.

When the Cold War ended in 1991, the United States had four divisions (plus some independent brigades) and 250,000 troops in Europe. By 2006, there were 62,000 troops, and only four combat brigades. Half the force will move east. The Eastern European Task Force (EETF), and its two combat brigades,  will be based in Romania and Bulgaria. The U.S. is spending over $100 million to built bases in Romania and Bulgaria. The remaining force will consist of two infantry, one Stryker and one airborne brigade.





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