On Point: Time To Punish Iran's Ayatollah Regime For Its War On The World

by Austin Bay
February 7, 2024

Ayatollah Iran treats the world as a war zone.

Here's a list of regional battlegrounds: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Persian Gulf Arab nations, Yemen and Jordan. On Jan. 28, a drone launched by an Iranian proxy militia operating in Iraq struck the U.S.-manned Tower 22 observation outpost in northeastern Jordan. The explosion killed three U.S. Army soldiers and injured at least three dozen more service members.

Yemen's Houthis, an Iranian proxy army, wage war on global shipping. Their attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean spike maritime insurance rates. That increases prices for everything, even food. Iran plays the same dirty game with oil prices when it threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz, which connects the oil-producing Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean.

Venezuela's socialist dictatorship aligns with Tehran. For the past six months, Venezuela's Maduro regime has been threatening to attack neighboring Guyana. On Feb. 5, the AP reported the U.S. is "increasing its urgent military assistance to Guyana." In strategic terms, this means we face an Iranian proxy front in the Western Hemisphere. It's also an oil war with potential global economic consequences. Venezuela has around 400 billion barrels of oil; Guyana has a large field -- perfect targets for ayatollah meddling.

Since the 1990s, Iran's Khomeinist regime has waged a global Aryan nationalist holy war.

Iran is Aryanistan. Land of the Aryans. Check it out. The Iran Aryans despise Semites; Arabs and Jews are Semites. Ishmael, Arab progenitor, was a son of Abraham. That's one deep reason Donald Trump's Abraham Accords had traction.

Khomeinist refers to followers of Khomeinism, the violent ideology of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who toppled the Shah in 1979. Khomeini was a bitter old man who liked to write love-laced pleasure-enthused Persian poetry when he wasn't despising Western civilization.

Failed artist turning to revolution -- that's a deadly history. Karl Marx was a failed German poet. Marx wanted to be Novalis (a brilliant German Romantic poet and polymath -- check him out). Adolf Hitler (a self-proclaimed Aryan Fuhrer) was a failed painter. I'm told Khomeini's poems are ersatz Omar Khayyam but at times show signs of merit.

Blunt poetry: Khomeini dubbed America the Great Satan.

Khomeinists wage slow war on America and its allies. In 1984, the State Department put Iran on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. It's still on it. Iran uses human trafficking to facilitate and fund destabilizing activities. Regime intelligence and special operations agencies are involved in drug trafficking.

In 2011, an Iranian operative was arrested before he could assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington, D.C. The Iranian operative intended to kill the diplomat with a bomb. An America with open borders is an easy target.

Alas, Iran's corrupt and cynical fanatics rule an educated nation-state that has the petrodollars to turn nuclear knowledge into weapons. And they are doing so. Israel's Stuxnet malware did more to delay Iran's nuclear program than the Obama administration's delusional Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The JCPOA put money in the ayatollahs' coffers.

Iranian leaders still refer to Israel as a "one bomb state." That refers to one large nuclear weapon striking Tel Aviv.

So far, the U.S. has responded to the deadly Jan. 28 Tower 22 attack by striking back at Iranian proxies -- at Iraqi, Syrian and Houthi proxies.

I've no doubt that the air and missile strikes have had tactical success -- destroyed launch facilities and munitions dumps, killed a few proxy fighters.

These tactical strikes, however, ignore the strategic problem -- an inimical regime that is no longer deterred by U.S. might.

At some point, the Iranian regime itself must suffer a heavy and deadly military blow.

One option: a "simultaneous strategic bombing strike" (SSBS, first described by StrategyPage.com in 2003). In a short time frame, aircraft, cruise missiles, drones and perhaps ballistic missiles with conventional warheads deliver hundreds of precision weapons, hitting regime nuclear targets, Iranian Al-Quds special forces and Revolutionary Guard command and control facilities, air defense sites, ballistic missile sites and intelligence agency facilities.

U.S. forces can do this if the president gives the order.

In August 2010, NBC's "Meet the Press" panel asked Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen if the Pentagon had a plan for attacking Iran. Mullen replied, "We do." He added, "Military actions have been on the table and remain on the table."

It's time for action.

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