On Point: 2014

South Sudan Needs Another Reconciliation ProcessTunisia's Arab Spring Three Years OnDe-classified Benghazi Testimony: The Video Didn't Do It
Microsoft Contra MalthusSenate Cyber Security Report Is DamningJanuary-February 1944: The Anzio Idea, The Rapido Reality
As Venezuela's Gangster Government Blames AmericaThe Ukraine East-West Tug of War Isn't OverIn Crimea, Russian Military Maneuver Creates Strategic Facts On The Ground
In Crimea, Russian Military Maneuver Creates Strategic Facts On The GroundSouth by Southwest: Where Garage Attitude is a Strategic Economic AssetOptions for Confronting Putin's Three Cold Facts
Fracking Putin's Gas Advantage: War By Other Means in the 21st CenturySouth Korea Will No Longer Bleed and Bear ItCzar-Commissar Putin's Creeping War Of Aggression
Russian Provocateurs Prepare The Ukrainian BattlefieldJapan's Prime Minister Battles Post-World War 2 Constitutional Military RestrictionsPutin's Creeping War of Aggression Will Continue Unless the West Responds
Protecting US Security Personnel: Where the Benghazi and Plame Scandals ConnectPost-Crimea Asian Territorial Disputes IntensifyMamet's Novellas Probe War's Moral Scars and Sacrifice
Ukraine's Election and Counter-Offensive a One-Two PunchD-DAY: Rangers Lead The Way To Pointe du HocChina-Vietnam Clash Could Spawn New Anti-China Alliance
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's Media Foray World War One's Next Phase?Bombs Bursting in Air: America's Airpower Advantage, 1944-2014
An Independent Kurdistan: World War I Continues Israeli Iron Dome Demonstrates Missile Defense PayoffsPenalize Putin and His Culpable Kremlin
The July Crisis of 1914Sell French Warships to NATO, Not RussiaIslamic State's Murderous Excess Is The Road To Its Demise
The Allies Invade Southern France: Seaports and a Race up the Rhone Vladimir Putin: The Return of the CommuNaziPutin's Strategic Goal: The RUBK
Obama's Re-WOT (Revived War on Terror)Conditions Stalk Obama's Uncertain CoalitionTo Defeat the Islamic State Obama Needs Clausewitz, Not Alinsky
October 2014 Out of Control? Consider October 1944The Wages of Smart DiplomacyThe Islamic State Decides to Fight for Khobane
Tunisia: From Arab Spring to Carthaginian Summer? The Fall of the Berlin WallMexico's Iguala Massacre: Criminal Gangs and Criminal Government
Sherman's March to the Sea: Total Impact WarfareSherman's March to the Sea: Total Impact WarfareAs The World Burns, Obama Fires Hagel
Putin's Kemlin Losing the Oil Price War -- And That's Good A 14th Cavalry Surgeon's Battle of the BulgeA Few Confirmation Questions for Obama's SecDef Nominee
North Korea's Combined Arms Attack on Sony2015: Will China Continue to Probe its Neighbors?
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