On Point: 2016

The Aftermath of Al-Nimr's ExecutionThe Global State of WarDesert Storm 25 Years Later
South Sudan's President Undermines Peace DealJapan Takes Hard Line on North Korean Missile ThreatAfrica's Third Term Power Grabs: Prelude to War
Korean Kaesong Experiment Shows Limits of Soft PowerRusso-Ukraine War Two Years OnLibyan War Emerges to Haunt 2016 Presidential Campaign
South China Sea: Where No Passage Is Quite InnocentTime to Question Presidential Candidates on Missile DefenseBrussels and Iraq: Battlegrounds in the Terrorists' Global War
In Nigeria, Terrorists Exploit CorruptionAge of Awkward Revelation Stigmatizes Corrupt PoliticiansWhy Violent Islamists Assault Antiquity
Mosul: Iraq's National Battle Versus ISIS's Apocalyptic BattleAbu Sayyaf's Criminal Jihad in the PhilippinesDefining U.S. National Interests: The Argument Continues
Gradual Escalation: A Vietnam Shadow Falls on Obama's IraqSyrian Death Toll Continues to RiseU.S. And Vietnam Share Strategic Interests
The Islamic State's 'Human Shield' War Crimes in FallujahAsia's Emerging Security Network Counters ChinaThe Islamic State's Battleground America: Terrorist Slaughter in Orlando
Meanwhile, Back in MaliLet's Celebrate Britain's 2016 Declaration of IndependenceNATO's July Summit Confronts Russian Belligerence
South China Sea Decision A Heavy Political Blow To ChinaAfter Failed Coup, Turkey's President Must Respect DemocracyThe Word That Haunts Mexico's President
North Korea's Provocative Missile TestThe Islamic State's Genocide in Northern Iraq ContinuesRussia Rattles Sabers in Ukraine
A Terrorist Pleads Guilty To Destroying Mali's Cultural SitesOn the Anniversaries of Benghazi and 9/11/2001Colombia's Peace Deal Faces Major Challenges
Venezuela: Can A Powder Keg Implode?The U.S.-Russia Syrian Partnership UnravelsWarring Libyans Common Interest: Oil Revenue
The Battle of Dabiq: Will ISIS Sell Out the Apocalypse?The Slow Build to The Battle of MosulRecalling Hungary's Courageous Cold War Revolt
Congo's Crooked President Risks A New Civil WarIraqis Discover More Islamic State War CrimesBangladesh Battles Islamist Terror and Ethnic Cleansing
The Islamic State's Afghan IntriguesRussia's Cyclic War in Ukraine ContinuesTrump Combines Art of the Deal and Art of War
Mexican Cartel War Ten Years OnIn Berlin, Christmas Was Terror's Iconic Target25 Years Since the Soviet Union Collapsed
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