On Point: 2023

2023's Strategic Challenges: Introducing Big DebtMexican Crime Cartels Wage Narcotic and Demographic War on USAThe Biden Classified Docs Special Prosecutor Must Look For Chinese Spies
The Biden Classified Docs Special Prosecutor Must Look For Chinese SpiesUkraine Demonstrates War Reserve Stockpiles Are VitalUkraine's Nation in Arms: The Unexpected Near-Peer War
Watching Ukraine, Japan and South Korea Consider Nuclear WeaponsTo End the War, Attack Russia's Center of Gravity: Vladimir PutinWeaponizing Everything, Including Lawyers and Balloons: China's 1999 Manual for Defeating America
Ukraine's Combined Arms Warfare EdgeTime For The Taiwan Porcupine To BristleThe Southern Border Is a Hybrid War Zone
U.S. Real-Time Intel Helps India Deal China A DefeatThe Finns Are Ready to Deter RussiaEvaluating Mac Thornberry's Four Critical Points
Biden's Afghanistan Lies Are a Crime against the American People and Honest HistoryCommunist China's Police Stations In America Are Focused State TerrorismSouth Korea Knows The Korean War Isn’t Over
Why Turkey's May 14 Election Really MattersHow Do We Improve Global Maritime Security?South Korea Bets Arsenal Ships Will Give North Korea and China Second Thoughts
Memorial Day In Contemporary AmericaThe U.S. and China Wage Diplomatic War in the Central and South PacificTurkey Chooses Dictatorship, to the Detriment of the Free World
Co-opted Drug Cartels Are Enemy Hybrid Warfare OperationsAmerican Civil Society Needs a Warfighting AwarenessThe Wagner Revolt Leaves Losers Worldwide
Ukraine's Summer 2023 Counteroffensive of Armored InfiltrationVilnius Summit Shattered Putin's Anti-NATO Strategy -- But Left Ukrainian NATO Membership on Hold The Korean Armistice's Iffy Anniversary: Korea Is a Forever War
Confronting China's Rising Strength on the SeasTime for Beltway Admirals to Think About War 2025, Not Paper Fleet 2045The Biden Administration's Destruction of American Soft Power
The Biden Administration's Afghanistan Bug-Out Continues to Have Disastrous ConsequencesWar Under 21st-Century Nuclear Shadows: Ukraine, Part 1US Military Readiness: Enforce Warfighter Standards
Communist China Deliberately Escalates Asia's Lethal Map WarsThe Ukraine War Is Also a Blood-For-Oil WarTaiwan Arms for War -- If Deterrence Fails
Time To Protect America's Vulnerable Sea BordersUpdate On Corrupt Iran's 21st-Century Nuclear Threat (Part II of VI)Beijing, Pay Attention: Don't Let Ukraine-Gaza Lead to WWIII Taiwan
Israeli Tank Firepower Is an Antidote for FanaticismAmerica Faces Multi-Front Proxy WarfareTurkey's Erdogan Applauds Hamas' Terror: Is Erdo's 'Middle Man' Sham Kaput?
Time To Strike Ayatollah Iran?The Global Cable and Pipeline War Under the SeaIsrael's Yemen Front: Iran's Houthi Proxies Wage War at Sea and in Space
Israel's Yemen Front: Iran's Houthi Proxies Wage War at Sea and in SpaceThe Shell Crisis of 2023: Artillery Munition Shortages Undermine Ukraine and Israel War Efforts Oil War in South America: Venezuela's Maduro Threatens Guyana
Iran's Escalating War at Sea Targets Global EconomyEnemy Proxies Will Target America's Coasts'Projecting A Different Picture' Won't Solve Biden's Border Crisis
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