On Point: 2022

2022's Four Strategic ChallengesChinese Communists Lied And Hong Kong DiedPutin, Ukraine and The RUBK: Old News Is Current Bad News
Communist Chinese Imperialists Steal Sub-Saharan AfricaThe Best Media China Can Buy -- Or BlackmailRacism Powers Communist China's Drive for Dominance
The Strategic Costs of Hunter Biden's Ukrainian CorruptionPutin Escalates His Creeping War In UkraineA Weaponized Narrative: Russian Oligarchs Must Choose Between Their Money And Putin
Independent Entrepreneurs and Industrialists Act To Defend UkraineMeanwhile, in the Russian Backyard Called Siberia...Reviving The Iran Deal Is More Than Another Display of Chronic Biden Ineptitude and Weakness
Ukraine's Warrior State A FactUkraine's Clocks: Has the Peace Clock Begun to Tick?Ukraine Needs Offensive Weapons -- And Needs Them Now
Putin Funds Fake Protests, Rattles NukesA Soldier Dies in the Biden Border War and China's Strategic Drug WarFinland and Sweden on the Verge of Joining NATO
Chinese Weaponized Corruption Is a National Security ThreatAmerica's Next Wars: Lose One, Hold One?Thoughts For Memorial Day 2022
Communist China's Global Plan EmergesPolitical Corruption and Injustice Threaten U.S. National SecurityWill China Soon Claim The Western Pacific?
The Baltic Noose The Kremlin FearsGulf Of Mexico Pirates Threaten Global Security And Environmental ExtortionChina's World Aggression Meets Blowback
Stopping Treason: Zelenskyy Attacks on The Moral-Political FrontPut The Pacific Into NATO: NAPTO Will China's Moment of Advantage Lead to War With America?
Let's Field Weapons to Defeat China's Pacific StrategyIran's Latest Rebellion, In ContextDid Biden's Afghanistan Disaster Undermine the Indo-Pacific Quad?
The Iguala Massacre and Cover-up Expose Mexico's Deep State CorruptionRobot War: Drone Versus Drone Over UkraineXi Jinping's Face Assassination of Hu Jintao Is A Strategic Warning for America
Putin Declares War on The StarvingGuam: The Hinge of America's Pacific Defense BeginsPeace With Vladimir Putin's Russia Is a Delusion
Rubio and Roy Challenge the Woke PentagonThe Tiananmen Tiger Stalks the Chinese Communist GovernmentTime to Rid the World of China's Trojan Horse Communications Gear
India and China Clash on The Roof of the WorldPutin’s Latest Bad Bet: Strategic BombingThe Year Putin's Imperial Dream Became a Nightmare of Destruction
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