On Point: Border Security Is a Critical National Defense Issue

by Austin Bay
March 7, 2024

As March 2024 began, every major U.S. national poll I scanned rated border security -- meaning lawless insecurity along the continental 48 states' southern and northern borders -- as the No. 1 national issue for American voters.

This tells me Americans have realized protecting America's land borders is a critical national defense issue.

Inconvenient truth: Protecting America's land borders has always been a critical national defense issue.

It was in 1812 and is today, no matter how major liberal media outlets try to ignore border security and depict citizens concerned with border defense as assault rifle racists or 19th-century fossils.

Close scrutiny of the polls revealed some respondents said their biggest concern was massive "illegal immigration."

Though not border security precisely, fair bet those respondents engaged in what scholar types call synecdoche -- a poetic figure of speech in which the name of a part represents the whole. Example: A sail stands for a ship.

Lax border security encourages massive illegal immigration.

Yes, complaining about illegal immigration in public and especially in media offends the political Left.

Tsk. Illegal immigration -- criminal immigration -- is so massive, left-wing hate speakers can no longer silence American citizens suffering from criminal immigration's consequences.

Criminal is the apt word, for illegally entering the U.S. is a statutory crime.

At least 8 million illegal immigrants (10 million by some estimates) have entered the U.S. since January 2021, the month President Joe Biden rescinded Trump administration executive orders that had dramatically curbed criminal immigration. The Trump administration used executive authority to defend American borders.

Alas, another inconvenient truth for media leftists: The president doesn't need congressional legislation to defend the border. As commander in chief, he/she has the executive muscle to order strict enforcement of U.S. immigration, anti-smuggling, anti-drug, anti-terror laws, etc.

Or a lawbreaking president, like Biden, can tell the Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection and even the Drug Enforcement Administration to look the other way.

Another inconvenient reality: Look away and criminals and terrorists penetrate U.S. borders and commit murder -- like the Venezuelan criminal who murdered Laken Riley in Athens, Georgia.

Hence another inconvenient fact: Any president who permits criminal and terrorist penetration is guilty of dereliction of duty, perhaps even treason.

Why treason, a constitutional-rattling charge? Because the president has made America vulnerable to invasion.

In 2022, "invasion" was not a rhetorical exaggeration if you lived in overrun Eagle Pass, Texas. Tens of thousands of illegals crossed the border sector every day.

Then Texas Gov. Greg Abbot began busing criminal immigrants to northern sanctuary cities. To be accurate, the Biden administration has been secretly flying illegals to airports throughout the country, but only Fox News and a few brave internet sites covered the lawless president's surreptitious penetration.

But deep penetration has had consequences. In the last seven to eight months, politically liberal northern and western cities have begun to battle the criminal chaos, economic and social damage and medical risks spawned by mass illegal immigration.

Now even smug New York City screams about the billions of dollars it must spend to house, feed and care for even 100,000 immigrants -- though Biden administration language monitors insist on calling them newcomers.

Ukraine is fighting a war for national survival against a dangerous invader, Vladimir Putin's Russia. Russia's invasion is classic "kinetic" warfare -- bombs, bullets and soldiers destroying Ukrainian cities and killing Ukrainian civilians. Putin's Russia is a definite culprit. He intends to make Ukraine a province of Imperial Russia.

On its borders the U.S. confronts a 21st-century hybrid war -- one that is also a war for national survival.

The hybrid war's weapons: deadly drugs (fentanyl), human trafficking (to include child sex and work slavery), migrants sapping social welfare dollars budgeted for deprived American citizens and noncitizens voting illegally. Illegal votes equal hijacked U.S. elections.

Other inconvenient truths: Enemies evading border controls spread infectious diseases. Terrorists masked as illegal aliens can enter the U.S. and embed as "sleeper agents" for future enemy action.

It's time to defend the borders and win the hybrid war.

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