On Point: Communist China's TikTok War To Disintegrate America

by Austin Bay
March 13, 2024

Social chaos fed by crime, drugs, street defecation, brutal physical assault and illegal immigration swamping social welfare systems. Surprise! Left-liberal San Franciscans vote to re-fund the cops. Suddenly, their hard-left mayor demands law, demands order, calls the cops despite her own "defund the police" complicity.

A commonsense human security response to local hell, even in sanctuary city San Francisco?

Maybe. But here's the deep survival question. Does San Fran's belated political response to social disintegration reflect a nationwide awareness of 2024's nationwide community fragility -- a fragility bred by growing awareness of disintegrating institutions and corrupt leadership?

Take military defense -- soldiers, our international cops. The U.S. military looks like a slowly disintegrating institution, one disintegrating at the level of human beings willing to serve.

Here's an inconvenient truth. After instructing soldiers and sailors on the use of transgender preferred pronouns -- a Bud Light beer self-destructive moment if self-serving Biden administration bureaucrats ever provoked one -- the Pentagon missed 2023 recruiting goals.

FY2024 military recruiting ain't looking good. Will we have the troops to defend us?

As for disintegrating academic credentials, those framed parchments snooty schools print that supposedly tell media a talking head has brains?

Harvard's President Claudine Gay resigned after she was exposed as a serial plagiarist.

Plagiarism was once THE unforgivable scholarly sin. Yet Gay avoids scholar hell and remains on Harvard's faculty as the Wilbur A. Cowett professor of government and of African and African-American Studies and her "research addresses American political behavior, including voter turnout and politics of race and identity."

Americans with character, behold the rot: Decayed academia and corrupt media give Gay, a serial liar and proven fraud, the space/time to opine on your behavior as well as "race and identity"?

Destructive and damning fact: Gay's high-paid claptrap wreaks systemic damage. She and her ilk incite division and grievance in America's body politic. Grievance and division seed social chaos. Additional wreckage: Her academic fraud is evidence of institutional disintegration in so-called higher education.

Yet Gay is a minor pawn-influencer in our enemies' war to disunite America.

Back to the title -- China's war to disintegrate America.

TikTok is a social media video application favored by tens of millions of young Americans, though worshipped may be a more accurate word.

Via TikTok a 14-year-old in a leather bikini can lip-synch a song and become a global internet sensation. Dylan Mulvaney, the trans actor of Bud Light's demise, was a TikTok influencer.

TikTok is owned by a mainland Chinese corporation, ByteDance. The U.S. House of Representatives wants to force ByteDance to sell TikTok to a non-Chinese owner.

Why? ByteDance, like the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies, is for all practical purposes a Chinese Communist Party tool.

A decade of mounting evidence indicates Huawei is a CCP cutout company -- spy lingo for an organization camouflaging an espionage operation.

American defense and intelligence agencies, a bipartisan coalition of elected officials and several allied nations have concluded TikTok is an insidious weapon the CCP uses to surveil and influence users -- meaning the CCP obtains personal information and then seeks to sway impressionable users with pro-CCP propaganda.

A real threat: Huawei hardware and software could take surreptitious control of digital devices, say, air traffic control computers, electrical generation facilities, nuclear reactors.

Visceral community fragility -- as in American physical vulnerability.

The fragile can disintegrate.

Disintegrative warfare. The term appears in chapter 13 of a book called "World-System History: The Social Science of Long-Term Change" (2000).

Note to Claudine Gay: I'm a footnote stickler. Follow my example.

In a disintegrative war, a "unitary belligerent becomes increasingly fragmented by secessions."

In 2010, China's People's Liberation Army published a treatise on disintegration warfare. In a Joint Forces Quarterly article published in April 2014, Dr. Fumio Ota (a retired vice admiral in the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force) wrote: "The idea of (Chinese) disintegration warfare includes politics, economy, culture, psychology, military threats, conspiracy, media propaganda, law, information, and intelligence."

Open borders. Deadly drugs. Activist Ivy League agitators with opaque funding. TikTok teenage propaganda. TikTok is a CCP asset.

It's the war to disintegrate America. Did San Francisco awake too late?

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