Algeria: Imaginary Violence


March 11,2008: Al Qaeda is taking a beating. Unable to carry out bombings, or evade the thousands of police and troops searching for its rural hideouts, they have pumped up their press release production. These denounce press reports of al Qaeda losses, and claim unsubstantiated victories over security forces. The only recent terrorist action, that could be confirmed, was the kidnapping of two Austrian tourists, who were seized while they were crossing the Sahara near the Tunisian border. Since Islamic terrorists have been hiding out in these more remote areas over the last two years, tourists have been warned away. But tourists are not forbidden to pass through these remote, desolated, areas.

March 2, 2008: Over the last week, some 9,000 troops assembled 62 kilometers east of the capital, trying to trap an al Qaeda leader, and his bodyguards, believed to be hiding in the hills. Four of these men were killed. Later, another two dozen men were caught setting up a roadside bomb. The terrorists fled to their base, but were caught by helicopter gunships, and most died.




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