Algeria: Eyes On The Prize


July 15, 2008: The war against Islamic terrorism continues to go against the terrorists. In Morocco, police made numerous arrests and interrupted a plot to attack tourist hotels this Summer. So far this year, Moroccan police have shut down four terrorist cells. Police believe there are about 3,000 Islamic extremists in the country, who are liable to cross the line into carrying out terrorist acts.

In Algeria, counter-terrorist operations east of the capital left al Qaeda al Tuhami dead. There are several terrorist cells hiding out in the hilly forests along the coast. The army and police have increased their searches, and paid more attention to developing local informants. Cell phones make such informants much more useful.

Algeria, and the other North African nations, have increased their counter-terror cooperation with European intelligence agencies. This is because many Algerian Islamic radicals (along with those from other North African nations) have sought refuge in Europe (legally, or illegally). These terrorists are often willing to carry out attacks wherever they are, although most would rather do so back home. But with the intelligence people in Europe and the North African nations cooperating, the Islamic radicals are more frequently getting caught, or at least kept under observation until they become very dangerous.  Most Islamic radicals are more talk than action, and it's becoming a big deal trying to develop methods to predict which wannabes are most likely to cross the line into mass murder.




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