Algeria: June 17, 2004


GSPC leader Amari Saifi is apparently being auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Algerian government wants him, but apparently wealthy al Qaeda groups are willing to match what the Algerians are willing to pay. The Chad group (the MDJT rebels) now expect Germany to kick in a few million dollars, because their captives had kidnapped German citizens two years ago. The United States has urged MDJT to quit screwing around and hand over the GSPC prisoners. If MDJT does this, the U.S. will put in a good word for MDJT as they try and resolve their differences with the Chad government. If MDJT, which is basically a tribal organization feuding with the Chad government, collects millions of dollars for their captives, they will want to cease being rebels so they can freely spend their new found wealth.




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