Algeria: Amnesty Ends, Terrorism Doesn't


August 30, 2006: The six month amnesty for Islamic terrorists has expired. Only about 300 people took advantage of the amnesty, and turned themselves in. The amnesty does not cover those who committed murder, which may be why it is believed there are some 800 Islamic terrorists still active. As part of the amnesty deal, some 2,200 imprisoned terrorists were freed. Some 14 years of Islamic terrorism left over 200,000 dead and caused some $20 billion in economic damage. Thousands of Islamic radicals have fled the country, and continue to plan and carry out terrorist acts in Europe and the Middle East.
The remaining terrorists in Algeria have little popular support, and survive by terrorizing civilians into providing food and other necessities. The army has located several groups of Islamic terrorists in mountains and forests, and continues to try and bring the terrorists in, or kill them.




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