Algeria: It's Al Qaeda's Turn


November30, 2006: In the last 14 months, nearly 800 Islamic terrorists have been captured, killed, or have accepted the amnesty. There are still a few hundred Islamic terrorists out there, most of them member so the GSPC, and now working for al Qaeda.

November 26, 2006: Operations continued in the east, but the GSPC fighters ambushed an army patrol, killing seven soldiers.

November 25, 2006: An army operation in the east resulted in two Islamic terrorists captured, and five killed.

November 2, 2006: In the northeast, two clashes with Islamic terrorists left three dead.

October 29, 2006: In the capital, GSPC terrorists set off two bombs outside police stations, killing three and wounding 29. The GSPC says that, since it is now part of al Qaeda, it will carry out attacks inside Algeria in support of al Qaeda. Not much difference from GSPCs previous strategy. However, al Qaeda is focused on attacking Western targets, something GSPC rarely did before.




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