Algeria: Terrorists Flee to France, To Kill Again


December21, 2006: France believes it is the chief victim of Algeria's success in defeating the GSPC Islamic terrorists, many of whom have fled to France. There are already many Algerians in France, and French is a common second language in Algeria. In the last 18 months, French police have arrested 76 people for Islamic terrorist activity, and aborted at least three terror attacks. But the French police believe that there are still hundreds of former Algerian terrorists in France, and many of them are still active. Al Qaeda, which has absorbed GSPC, is desperate for another big attack in Europe, and the former GSPC terrorists appear to be the most likely to pull something off.

December 20, 2006:Police broke up a terrorist support group with the arrest of five college students in a town 500 kilometers south of the capital. Groups like the GSPC still have some appeal for idealistic young men, and it is these people who provide what support the Islamic terrorists have left in the country.

December 10, 2006:Terrorists attacked a bus carrying Western oil workers near the capital. One Algerian on the bus was killed, and several foreigners wounded. The attackers were believed to be GSPC Islamic terrorists, who have said they would try to wreck the economy and drive foreigners out of the country.




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