Chad: The Oil For No Food Program


June 3, 2010:  Nations providing foreign aid to Chad, especially food aid, are pressuring Chad to stop diverting oil revenues earmarked for food aid, to the military. Foreign aid groups have long criticized Chad for deliberately diverting money from social welfare projects, to building up the military, or into the pockets of senior politicians. Meanwhile, half a million refugees in eastern Chad face starvation if aid groups are driven out by bandits, after the UN peacekeepers leave at the end of the year. The Chadian government is seemingly unconcerned, and more intent on stealing most of the growing oil revenue.

In the last two weeks, Ugandan troops have entered CAR (Central African Republic) and killed sixteen rebels. Five of the dead were notorious Ugandan LRA rebels, the others were local gunmen who got involved. There is still a complicated civil war going on in CAR, which has created lots of refugees and starvation.

May 24, 2010: The UN, acceding to Chadian demands, has ordered 3,300 peacekeepers in Chad to leave by the end of the year. A smaller peacekeeping force in neighboring CAR will also have to be withdrawn, because their logistical support came from peacekeeper bases in Chad.

May 19, 2010: The leader of a Sudanese rebel group, JEM, was refused entry into Chad at the capital airport. The JEM members were sent back to Libya. This was something new, as for over a decade, Chad had tolerated the presence of Sudanese rebels. But the most recent peace deal with Sudan, called for both countries to crack down on rebels within their borders, and now Chad is. Chad is also waiting to see if Sudan will reciprocate.

May 16, 2010: Four Chad rebel groups have formed the  ANCD (National Alliance for Democratic Change) and pledged to overthrow current president Deby (who, while corrupt, would probably not be replaced by anyone better).  Three of the member groups had previously formed the anti-Deby UFR (Union of Resistance Forces). The new ANCD is based in Sudan, near the Chad border.




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