Colombia: January 15, 2003


In a three day operation, a thousand soldiers and police swept through poor neighborhoods in the city of Medellin and arrested 68 suspected FARC members. There were no casualties. Documents were seized indicating a plan to seize a local university and government buildings.  The army and police have increased intelligence efforts in the cities in order to identify rebel members and supporters. FARC has been trying to move it's fighting into the cities, but even in the poor neighborhoods, they come up against a lot of hostile civilians.

Police have discovered that in three recent car bomb incidents, kidnapping victims had apparently been forced to drive the cars. The three cars were each driven by one of three brothers who had been kidnapped and apparently are paying their ransom by undertaking these dangerous missions. 

Near the capital, FARC rebels caught up with three men (one only 17 years old) who had deserted the rebels. The three men were killed by the rebels. 




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