Colombia: FARC Burned At Both Ends


March 28, 2006: FARC is fighting back, especially in the south. With their backs to the wall, and confronted with the loss of lucrative drug and kidnapping operations, FARC leaders are trying to resist advancing army units. While army casualties have gone up, the FARC fighters are still no match for the troops, and FARC controlled towns, and their camps in the hills, continue to get taken over by the army and police.

March 27, 2006: Many of the AUC members who accepted the amnesty deal, have returned to their criminal ways. But this time, they are not part of an armed political organization (which is what AUC was), but just criminals (which is what many AUC members were before they joined AUC.)

March 26, 2006: The ELN has released one captive, and FARC has released two. ELN is negotiating a peace deal with the government, and FARC is leaning in that direction.

March 22, 2006: The U.S. has indicted fifty FARC leaders on drug dealing charges. Only three of these FARC officials are in custody, but the other represent the core of FARC leadership. This limits their mobility outside of Colombia. It also makes it clear that FARC has changed from a social revolutionary organization, to a criminal one.




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