Colombia: FARC Hit With a Plague of Walkers


July 14, 2006: While some factions of FARC demonstrate a willingness to negotiate, most do not, and fighting continues. In the last two days, about 24 rebels have been killed. The troops and police are going after remote rebel camps, and pushing FARC groups farther away from populated areas. This makes it more difficult for FARC to keep its people supplied, and lowers morale among the FARC gunmen. Hundreds of FARC members are quitting each month, some of them surrendering and formally accepting the amnesty, others just walking away. Because FARC has been forced out of so many populated areas, the "walkers" can go home without fear of FARC retribution.
July 11, 2006: Operations against FARC and drug gangs continues, with at least fifteen FARC fighters killed in several clashes.
July 7, 2006: In the past three years, 41,000 members of armed groups (rebels, drug gangs) have accepted the amnesty deal and disarmed. The government has started a follow up program to see how many of those former gangsters have returned to their bad-old-ways.




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