Indonesia: August 28, 2005



Islamic conservatives, still a minority, have gone public with demands that all Moslems in Indonesia adhere to stricter rules for living. The Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI),  represents less than ten percent of the nations 165 million Moslems. But the MUI members are militant, organized, and willing to kill. MUI denies advocating violence, but their latest round of fatwas (religious proclamations), urges Moslems to enforce conservative Islamic lifestyle. MUI inspired mobs invade night clubs, bars and bordellos and attempt to put them out of business. The police are often reluctant to intervene, usually because the Islamic militants have threatened to kill police if there is interference. MUI has gained some traction because of the growing success of Christian evangelists in converting Moslems. Many Indonesians blame Islam for their economic problems, and the better educated and wealthier Christians appear to offer a solution. This sort of thing offends even moderate Moslem leaders. The MUI offers a solution: religious war to kill or drive out the infidels (non-Moslems.)




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