Nepal: Terror Beats Democracy


January 30, 2006: Most Maoist activity is not gunmen firing on troops, but rebels coming by, often at night, to make threats to local officials, teachers, or even policemen. In many parts of the country, the locals get organized and resist the Maoist threats. But many of the more thinly populated parts of the country cannot muster sufficient force to deal with a group of Maoist activists and gunmen moving into the area.

January 29, 2006: Maoists have threatened candidates for the February 8th local elections. As a result, over ten percent of the candidates for the 4,146 seats have withdrawn. Many more are under police and government protection. In 22 of 58 towns, there are not enough candidates to hold the elections. These are the first elections since 1999, and the Maoists want them to fail. The Maoists are in favor of a communist dictatorship.

January 25, 2006: Several Maoist attacks left one rebel and one civilian dead.


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