Philippines: Non-Partisan Terrorism


June 18, 2007: The MILF have located a remote village in the south, where kidnappers are holding an Italian priest. The kidnappers are seeking ransom, while the police are coming to try and end the situation quickly. Kidnapping scares away tourists and foreign aid workers.

June 17, 2007: In the central Philippines, two NPA rebels and four policemen were killed in two clashes. Further south, the government started putting plainclothes policemen on busses to help catch the terrorist criminals who have been planting bombs on busses as part of an extortion plot.

June 16, 2007: Indonesian police have been interrogating recently captured Abu Dujana, a senior leader of Islamic terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiah (JI), and it was admitted that JI was sending money to Islamic terrorists in the Philippines. JI also sent bomb makers and attack planners to the Philippines, which confirms Filipino counter-terror forces had long been saying.

June 15, 2007: In the south, ten people were killed when a bomb went off on a bus. This is apparently a criminal, not political, act of terrorism. Gangsters trying to get "protection money" from the bus company will bomb busses if the payments are not made. Earlier, a bomb had gone off in another, empty, bus, and there were no injuries.

June 14, 2007: Leftists at home and abroad are demanding to know who in the government was involved with a death squad operation that killed 800 leftist activists in the last year. Decades of murderous terror by the NPA have not made leftists all that popular, but the pressure from foreign leftists has prevented the government from doing a cover up on what is apparently an illegal military campaign to kill NPA sympathizers.

June 13, 2007: The kidnapped Italian priest is being held by a criminal gang, some of whom have kin in the MILF, and the MILF is using those contacts to try and get the priest released. Elsewhere in the south, police disarmed a car bomb found outside a town hall.

June 10, 2007: In the south, an Italian missionary priest was kidnapped, by what appeared to be a group of rogue MILF rebels. Small bands of MILF gunmen turning to banditry is a growing problem.




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