Potential Hot Spots: May 31, 2001


In yet another round of tribal warfare in the Central African Republic, rebels from the southern Yakoma tribe, with the help of several hundred Rawandan led mercenaries, seized part of the capital on Monday. The current government, controlled by members of  the northern Saha tribes, called on Libya for aid. After a few days, Libya flew in some troops and arms.  Some two dozen people have died so far and both factions control parts of the capital and appear prepared to fight to the death. In the past, France has sent in troops to support the northerners, but so far has done nothing. Southerners controlled the government from 1981-1993, but lost control in 1994 elections. The northerners have proved to be just as corrupt and inept and the army (mostly southerners) has rebelled several times. But the country is so poor, and people so taken up with just surviving, that it is difficult to get a really effective revolution going. But that could change if France and Libya get behind their factions big time.


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