Somalia Article Archive 2009


Al Qaeda Trudges Down A Familiar RoadPiracy Is The Way To GoWe Bring You The Gift Of Defeat
Killing Doctors In The Name of GodFeudal Magnates Gone WildWhat Are All The Commandoes For?
Beyond The Breaking PointYou Really Can't Make This Stuff UpParanoia
Get Jiggley Or Get Whipped Herding CatsPeace Among Predators
Islamic Radicals Fighting Each OtherScrew YouDeath And Disappointment From The Sea
Islamic Radicals Behaving BadlyTaking Care Of BusinessAd Hoc, Amateurish, And Deadly
Barbarians And BacklashGold Teeth Declared Un-IslamicThe Pointless Quagmire Gets Crowded
Waiting On The Weather And The AuditorsYou Really Can't Make This Stuff UpPeacekeepers Join The Fight
The Somali HeadacheCries For Help Go UnheededBlood, Money And Motivation
Assassin PowerThe Permanent RebellionSince When Is That A Crime?
The Cost Of Doing BusinessDesperate Islamic RadicalsGive Me Shelter
Guns Over Troubled WatersThe Pirates Are WinningFighting Back
Running From The MediaEmbarrassing ConsequencesWhy The Pirates Are Immune From Attack
Shoot, But Don't TouchLet's Make A DealThe Big Bully Beatdown
A Waste Of ResourcesWe Have Met The Enemy, And They Are UsPrison Ships For Pirates Get To Work
Let's Make A DealUN Threatens To Use The Starvation WeaponThe Land Of The Larcenous, Ungrateful And Trigger-Happy
Islamic Radicals Fight Each OtherThe New Disorder Approaches



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