Somalia Article Archive 2012


Pirate Base Captured By PoliceOn The Defensive But Still FightingHoly Bandits And The Forever War
What To Do With Unemployed TerroristsThe Police Are Not Your FriendA Wild And Violent Place
Better To Be Feared Than LovedThe Bad Old Days ReturnSetting Up The Bloody Last Stand
Kismayo Falls To Amphibious AssaultKismayo Saved By Attacker GreedRetreated But Not Defeated
Bleak HouseHard Times For The Bad GuysFighting To The Last Dumb, Broke Teenager
The Final OffensivePity The Poor PiratesWhat's Wrong With Peace, Love And Anarchy
Iranian Terrorists SeizedIslamic Radicals In RetreatU.S. Asked To Join Assault On Kismayo
Too Hot To HelpAl Shabaab In RetreatAl Shabaab Fades Loudly
Pirates And Lawyers Together At LastThe Revenge Of The BanditsThe Pirate's Lament
Even Terrorists Have FeelingsAl Shabaab At War With ItselfBad Guys Defeated On Land And Sea
The Terrorists Strike BackKillers Without A CountryPrey For Us
Foreign Terrorists Flee The CountryAl Shabaab Merges With Al QaedaKenya Advances To The Coast
Scared Kids With GunsA Bad Year For PiratesIslamic Terrorists Feel Oppressed



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