Somalia: Blame America


May 19, 2006: The transitional government, itself an uneasy alliance of tribal warlords, is threatening to fire two ministers because they are involved in the anti-terror alliance that is fighting the Islamic Courts for control of Mogadishu. The transitional government is trying to get some foreign aid out of the Arab countries, and taking a pro-Islamic Courts/anti-American stance is believed to help that. Getting foreign aid from anyone else is unlikely, because all recent aid has been stolen by various warlords.

May 17, 2006: Anti-terrorist militias say they have proof that the Islamic Courts are supporting al Qaeda. The proof is in the form of dead bodies of foreigners, recovered during the recent fighting. These dead may just be some of the foreigners who are in the country to exploit lucrative, although dangerous, business opportunities. None of these foreigners have been captured alive.

May 16, 2006: The truce was broken in Mogadishu, as someone attacked a warlord compound. At least five people died in the resulting violence.

May 14, 2006: Under pressure from tribal leaders, the warlord and Islamic Courts militia leaders signed a cease fire. Actually, not all the factions involved agreed to stop fighting, but enough did that the dissenters were discouraged from continuing with the violence. In eight days of violence, nearly 200 people were killed, mostly civilians caught in the cross fire. The gunmen mainly fired at each other, without much accuracy or effect. These guys are not professionals, and no little about tactics or effective military procedure. They get all their moves from television shows and movies.




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