Somalia: Civil War


July 12, 2006: The "Transitional Federal Government" (TFG) will not make peace with the Islamic Courts, and accuses the Islamic leaders of breaking the truce established last month. But the TFG itself is split on how to deal with the situation. This is because the Islamic Courts are about tribe, as well as religion. Many of the Somali tribes don't care for Islamic conservatism, or domination by other tribes. Thus the prospect of a civil war is more likely than the establishment of Islamic rule for the entire country.
July 11, 2006: Islamic Courts gunmen searched newly conquered parts of Mogadishu for weapons. The Islamic Courts seek to eliminate the freelance banditry and violence that has made life so miserable for so many Somalis for over a decade. The Islamic Courts are also arresting notorious offenders, trying them according to Islamic law, and applying punishments from the scriptures as well.
July 10, 2006: Fighting picked up again in Mogadishu, as warlord gunmen returned and the death toll for the latest round of fighting hit about 140. But this time, the warlord forces were beaten for good, the warlord headquarters taken and many of his armed followers surrendered their weapons.
July 9, 2006: Fighting broke out in Mogadishu, as the last warlord attempted to resist control of the Islamic Courts. After two days of skirmishing, and about two dozen people killed, the warlord gunmen fled. The Islamic Courts again claim control of the entire city. That's no exactly true, as many neighborhoods still have clan militias who are not willing to follow orders from the Islamic Courts.




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