Somalia: War On Many Fronts


October 9, 2006: Ethiopian and Transitional Government troops recaptured the town of Buur Hakaba from the Islamic Courts. The town is between Mogadishu and the Transitional Government stronghold of Baidoa.
October 8, 2006: Encouraged by continued demonstrations in Kismayo, the clan that long controlled the port town is planning to attack and push the Islamic Courts out. Demonstrations yesterday resulted in the arrest of at least a hundred civilians. The demonstrations are against the lifestyle police (no videos, no stimulants, no much of anything that's entertaining), as well as the Islamic Courts grabbing control of the income producing activities at the port. While many Somalis appreciate the law and order the Islamic Courts bring with them, most Somalis are also concerned about jobs and lifestyle issues.
October 7, 2006: The number of people fleeing Somalia is on the rise. Over 2,000 have left in the last week, and over 30,000 this year. Those who feel they will not get along with the Taliban-like Islamic Courts are leading the flight.
October 6, 2006: Some three dozen members of the Transitional Government parliament went to Mogadishu to meet with Islamic Courts officials. Apparently this is an attempt to work out a deal for the clans the legislators represent.
October 5, 2006: The Islamic Courts are cracking down on merchants who import expired food and medicines, and cell them in marketplaces. The food sometimes makes people sick, and the medicine often doesn't work. But most Somalis cannot afford to pay for higher quality goods, which is why there's a market for the cheaper damaged goods.
The U.S. is donating six coastal patrol boats, worth half a million dollars each, to Kenya. Kenya is concerned that, with Islamic conservatives in control of most of Somalia, there is more likelihood that terrorists would be coming, by sea, from Somali bases.
October 4, 2006: Kenya has put more controls over flights to and from Somalia. Kenya is worried about Islamic terrorists flying in and out, especially now that the Islamic Courts control so much of Somalia.




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