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No Surrender, No Negotiation, No PeaceThe Deathwatch PhaseForeign Diplomats Flee And U.S. Braces For The Worst
The Civil War After The Civil WarMore Of Your Bases Are Belong To UsVictory Or Death And An Uncertain Future
Assads Declare A Death MatchThe Blame GameIran Prepares For The End
Slip Sliding AwayCreate A Desert And Call It PeaceSiege Warfare
The Bloody Long ShotKill Them All AgainJust Do It
Is There Anything Terrorism Can't Do?Desperate Men Take Desperate MeasuresWe Have To Win This One Or We Are Screwed
Approaching The Final BloodbathRunning Out Of Ideas And Options Let's Annoy The Turks
Rebels Getting StrongerLooking For The ExitKilling Kids For The Cause
Waiting For The Turk To DecideThe Ally You Cannot AffordThe Endurance Contest
Lies And Terror Get The Job DoneCeasefire Shot DownThe Bodyguard Of Lies
We Will Never SurrenderIranian Advisors Joined By Russian CommandosKill Them All
The World Fiddles While Syria BurnsFear And The Ultimate WeaponEvil Has Allies
Russia Takes Care Of Its OwnThis Is The EndDeath Match.
The Arab League And The Epic Fail

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